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Hello Whistlers,

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The joining process for new members is simple. 


STEP 1. AUDITION– Send your audition to any ONE of the Zonal Numbers (Chennai, Mumbai or Kochi) by whatsapp.

Whatsapp your selfie whistling video of any song upto 2mins any ONE of the Zonal Numbers (Chennai, Mumbai or Kochi).
Please say your name, city and the song name in the video to enable us to save your no.

STEP 2. ACCEPTANCE– Based upon audition acceptance and discussion with the Zonal Head, choose your membership/subscription plan.
(We recommend Whatsapp subscription to those staying out of Chennai, Mumbai or Kochi and unable to travel regularly.

STEP 3. PAYMENT– Make payment to IWA Account by NEFT/IMPS/Cheque Deposit. Payment must be made within 14 days from successful audition or else registration won’t be complete.

Please contact your Zonal Head regarding which membership is suitable for you and for Bank Details. NO CASH PAYMENT

Mrs. Lakshmy Iyer (Treasurer-Spokesperson): +91 81694 46845

Mr. R Kapil Bansal: +91 99443 33520 (after 9pm)

Mrs. Jyothi R Kamath: +91 82819 66297

Mr. Mohan Kumar: +91 96638 13929

Please keep your latest photo jpg file and the payment details handy – Payment date, mode of payment, amount, transaction id.

STEP 4. REGISTRATION– Fill all the registration form and upload your photo along with it.

STEP 5. ADD TO WHATSAPP GROUP– You shall be added to our Whatsapp group, you shall get an invoice and your registration will be complete.

Please note: Membership is valid till 31st March only. Once paid, fees won’t be refunded.

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