Membership Guidelines

1.  Auditions: This is a Membership & World Record Application Form only and doesn’t automatically make you a member of IWA and memberships will be approved based on Auditions via Youtube/Dropbox/Google Drive, Whatsapp recording.

2. IWA promotes Musical Whistling only using lips, fingers or hands and without the use of any external man-made/mechanical device and all performances are with either a Karaoke backing track or a Live orchestra.

A. Behaviour

3. IWA has a very good reputation Nationally and Internationally since many years and we would advise against such “activities or behaviour” that spoils Your name and Ours. We take a lot of effort to train our whistlers because we want them to excel wherever they go and spread this art. Whistling unprepared and in an unprofessional manner, brings a bad name to us and to this art.

A warning will be given and repeat offenders will lose their membership and no refunds will be provided.

a) Harassing/disturbing general public/fellow members or any such activities that bring a bad name to IWA and whistling in general are strictly prohibited and can lead to cancellation of membership.

b) We do not whistle or encourage whistling without any background music, because music gives a correct reference of sur and taal/pitch and rhythm. Good quality videos and recordings of our members that fit our quality standards are regularly uploaded online with proper titles, logo and details which you can share with friends and family.

B. Social Media

4.  If you wish to upload “your own recordings and videos” on Youtube/Facebook or anywhere online, we suggest that you seek feedback from us through our Whatsapp group before uploading.

Else please don’t tag/mention IWA in it. We cannot certify the quality of the performance. A single bad video can ruin the whole group’s reputation. We are already fighting hard to change the reputation of this art.

Posting videos and recordings of IWA events taken from a mobile phone or camera on Facebook, YouTube or anywhere else online without the prior permission of the Central Committee is strictly prohibited, even if you are featured in it. We reserve the right to our content and its distribution.

C. Usage of your name, photograph, audio recordings & video

5.  During the tenure of your membership you may feature in IWA’s events including but not limited to music videos, flashmob, stage performances, or in another medium through which we exploit our brand. By accepting these terms, you allow us to use your name, photo, video, audio recordings etc. for these purposes at any time and free of charge. There will be no obligation on us to identify you in the content or give you credit. We may do so out of goodwill.

The above statement is a general release of all rights involving you. That you will not take legal action against us if any details we do release are incorrect. But we will try hard to avoid errors and correct them (where we can) when we become aware of them.

We can use your personal information for the following purposes:

o In our publications

o In our marketing materials

o In promoting our brand through any media (including contacting you)

o We may pass on your contact information to third parties where we consider you may be interested in being contacted by them (for example TV production companies and PR companies).

o We can transfer your personal information outside India, even to countries where your information may not be protected to the same extent (this is because of the global nature of our business).

o You will hold IWA harmless and you will not take legal action against us if you suffer any loss as a result of any loss of personal data except where it is our fault or usage of your name, video. photographs, audio recordings, etc.

You will contact us to obtain our permission where you wish to use our name for commercial purposes and our logos for any purposes.

D. Public Performances

6. Participation at any public event where IWA is invited is based on merit and rotation and is a privilege for whistlers and not their right. It is at the sole discretion of the local SPOC (single point of contact). Minimum requirement to be considered for participation in public events is going through the Whistling Syllabus at least once with 75% attendance. Membership does not automatically guarantee participation in public shows. Auditions will be taken and only best whistlers will be chosen.

We advise against participating in TV shows/Auditions without proper training and guidance from the local SPOC (single point of contact). At least for the 1st 6 months.

Once we feel you are ready, we will ourselves encourage you to participate and provide a public platform whenever possible. With our experience in participating and tasting victory in events like “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega”, “India’s Got Talent”, “Kala Ghoda Festival”, etc. we are quite confident that we can guide you in the right path.

Even in the case of domestic programmes (college/office/family functions) we are ready to help you in matters like song selection,stage tips etc.

7. Schedule of meetings/classes/workshops will be shared 6 months in advance and we will try to stick to those dates as much as possible. However hall availability and timings are not in our control. If you miss any classes, the video recording will be shared. Absent/traveling people can opt for video conferencing facility free of charge.

8. If a member fails to renew his/her membership within one month of expiry , the membership shall lapse and   will be considered as a Fresh Registration.

E. Duties & Responsibilities

9. All members are expected to stand up for the cause of spreading whistling and strengthening the Association by shouldering responsibilities like setting up equipment, arranging venues, selling tickets, getting sponsors and helping the committee in organizing any such events when required as per their area of expertise.       

F. Committee

10. The present IWA Central Committee is comprised of:

  1.               Founder & President   Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey (Mumbai)
  2.               Secretary                          Mr. Rajesh Gaikwad (Mumbai)
  3.               Treasurer                         Mr. Vijay Awari (Mumbai)
  4.               Committee Member     Mrs. Aparna Naik (Mumbai)

Our World Record Core Committee for planning and execution includes the above along with the following members:

  1.               Cpt. Chetan Bapat (Mumbai)
  2.               Mrs Jyothi Kamath (Kochi)
  3.               Mr. Mohan Kumar (Bangalore)
  4.               Dr. Vrinda B. Nair (Chennai)

The decisions of the Central Committee are final and binding on all members.

11.  Elections are conducted every 2 years and only members who have a very good track record are eligible for Nomination. Next elections shall be held in 2019 and only paid members at that point of time shall be eligible to vote.

12. IWA reserves the right to modify the above terms and conditions as and when deemed necessary and without prior intimation.

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