Events 2016

Corporate show for

Date: 17th Dec, 2016

Organiser: Investorkart

Whistlers: 6, Audience size: 50

New Whistling Classes with
Web-conferencing started

Date: 9th Oct, 2016

Organiser: IWA

Whistlers: 45 whistlers from 4 Cities & 3 Countries

12th Anniversary celebration via Video Conferencing between Mumbai, Chennai, Pune & Doha

Date: 19th Sept, 2016

Organiser: IWA

Whistlers: 60

1st prizes in 3 categories at World Whistlers Convention in July 2016, Japan

Date: 15th-17th July

Organiser: Japan Whistlers Federation

Whistlers: 49 Participants from 6 Countries

"Music through Whistle" Workshop at Kilkari Bal Bhawan Patna

Date: 15th-19th June, 2016

Organiser: Kilkari Bal Bhawan Patna

Trainers: 2, Students: 40

India's 1st whistling school and syllabus started by Rigveda in Mumbai-April to September

Date: 10th April, 2016

Organiser: IWA

Trainer:  1, Students: 20

Women's Day Function IDFC Mutual Fund-11th March 2016

Date: 11th March, 2016

Organiser: IDFC Mutual Fund

Whistlers: 2, Audience size: 50

Performance at
Nathella School, Chennai

Date: 2nd Feb, 2016

Organiser: IWA

Whistlers: 2, Audience size: 300

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