General Guidelines

You agree to accept and abide by all the below guidelines before filling in the Application Form.

  1. You are expected to follow all the safety guidelines that might be announced prior or during the event. IWA will not be responsible in the event of any mishap due to non-compliance on your part to the rules laid down by us.
  2. Taking precautions like wearing earplugs for the “Loudest Whistling by a group” record rest on the participants. Except where arising out of their own negligence, IWA & GWR shall have no responsibility for the safety during any part of the World Record attempt and shall not be liable to you or your personal representatives for any loss, damage, hearing loss or injury to yourself or your property in connection with the World Record attempt or during travel & accommodation in Mumbai.
  3. You have decided to take part in the World Record attempt(s) of your own free will and IWA has not charged you any money for participation but only for certificate and/or membership.
  4. The ticket/wristband given to you must be worn at all times during the event.
  5. You shall be assigned a Volunteer/Steward who will be responsible for group of 50 whistlers for the duration of the World Record attempt and you shall abide by his/her instructions at all times, failing which he/she has the right to disqualify you from the attempt and it shall be binding.
  6. Your participation will monitored within an established World Record attempt area and every participant within the established World Record attempt area is expected to take part and may not leave the area for any breaks without the permission of the assigned Volunteer/Steward.
  7. All mobile phones must be switched off before entering the established World Record attempt area and photography/videography is not allowed.
  8. In the “Most People Whistling” & “Loudest Whistling” attempt, all participants must start whistling at the same time and finish whistling at the same time along with the track.
  9. It is not expected that all whistlers will in the same scale or pitch.
  10. If over 10% of participants within the established World Record attempt area do not meet the above criteria, then the entire attempt will be disqualified.
  11. IWA/GWR may make any details of your World Record attempt/title available to the public (but there is no obligation on us to do so).
  12. That you will not take legal action against IWA/GWR if any details released by IWA/GWR are incorrect. But we will try hard to avoid errors and correct them (where we can) when we become aware of them.
  13. All enrollments will be documented on video. The visual and audio evidence of your performance may be aired, used for our promotional purposes and also shared with the GWR Authorities.
  14. IWA/GWR can use your personal information for the following purposes:
    i) To process your application
    ii) In our publications
    iii) In our marketing materials
    iv) In promoting our brand through any media (including contacting you)
    v) May pass on your contact information to third parties where we consider you may be interested in being contacted by them (for example TV production companies and PR companies).
    vi) Can transfer your personal information outside India and the European Union, even to countries where your information may not be protected to the same extent (this is because of the global nature of their business).
    vii) You will not take legal action against us if you suffer any loss as a result of any loss of personal data except where it is our fault.
  15. The Record may be deemed successful OFFICIALLY by a Guinness World Records Judge in person or later by GWR after verifying all evidences and this may take upto 3 months.
  16. Once the Record(s) is deemed successful, IWA shall announce on its website and social media pages and communicate the same to you by email, whatsapp, etc.
  17. Till then it will be a World Record attempt only and under no circumstances shall you or your personal representatives claim/announce/declare/share/communicate to anyone or anywhere that you are a Guinness World Record holder.
  18. Such a claim may risk disqualification of the World Record attempt by GWR and IWA holds the right to sue you or your personal representatives/claimants/heirs for the losses and to recover the costs of the entire event from you.
  19. All litigations are subject to Mumbai High Court jurisdiction.
  20. IWA reserves the right to modify the above terms and conditions as and when deemed necessary and the same shall be informed to the members by email/whatsapp/sms.
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